CVIP inspections in Edmonton – What is found determines what repairs need to be performed

Commercial businesses that use commercial trucks, vans, and other large vehicles for transport, commerce, or other business services, must pass a series of CVIP inspections in Edmonton, in order to operate their vehicles. The CVIP inspections in Edmonton are performed by the Licensed Vehicle Safety Section, to ensure the vehicles are in proper operational condition. Owners of buses, vans, trucks, trailers, and other commercial vehicles, are responsible for having the inspections completed by the due date, and must perform all necessary repairs to the vehicles in question (if issues are found during inspection), in order to legally operate their business moving forward.

What to do if repairs are needed –
In the event the CVIP Inspection does show that truck repair in Sherwood Park is required, that a bus or van needs repair, or that any other commercial vehicles require repair, the business owner is responsible for performing these repairs in a timely fashion. The inspection agent will typically provide owners with a full, detailed description of issues found during inspection. Whether the truck repair in Sherwood Park is as basic as installing new lights or replacing burnt out lights, or something as complex as having to perform work on the engine or transmission, these services must be completed within a set time period. Inspection agents will provide owners the information detailing what was inspected, what repairs must be completed, and within which specific time period the repairs must be done. Inspectors will also provide owners with information pertaining to the repair shops which can perform these services (and are licensed to do repair work) on the commercial vehicle in question.

Do repairs need to be completed?
Yes. The CVIP Inspection officer is in charge of detailing all repair service needs on the commercial vehicles. Due to the fact that these vehicles are often used for international commerce, are performing services for the public, and are operated by employees, it is extremely important that a business owner follows through with repair work immediately. Doing so immediately will avoid fines, penalties, possible suspension of the license, or even revocation of business licenses if the business owner does not comply with the repair schedule. As a business owner, there are many issues that can arise during an inspection. If they are found, it is important to comply with the inspection officer’s demands, their repair schedule, and to do all repair work in a timely fashion, in order to avoid issues with the business, operations, and possible safety issues (jeopardizing employees and the general public), with the vehicles they use to perform their services.

Regardless of the industry, the commercial vehicles used, or the type of repairs which have to be completed, as a business owner, immediate compliance with repairs is a top priority following a CVIP Inspection. When the time comes to have inspections performed, visiting a licensed inspection office in Edmonton is the first step. Following inspection, all repairs should be performed immediately, in order to avoid issues or fines, when it comes to operating commercial vehicles that aren’t in compliance with commercial regulations.

Finding the Best Truck Repair Shop for You

Whenever there is need to repair your truck, it is essential to choose a repair shop that will do the job correctly the first time. The last thing you want to worry about is whether or not the repair shop you choose will be upfront and sincere with you when it comes to any essential repairs for your truck. This makes it a good idea to conduct some research before you take your truck in for repairs to find a reliable and professional repair service. Here are some tips to help you choose the best Ford truck repair shop:


One of the best and most dependable ways of finding a great truck repair service is asking for references from your friends, relatives and close colleagues. If they have the experience of getting high quality truck repair service regularly, they can tell you about their diesel mechanic.

Qualified Workers

Choose a truck repair shop that has qualified diesel mechanics to carry out auto repair and maintenance work easily. A good shop will only hire mechanics that have attained the relevant training from a reputable school. And, before mechanics and repair shops are accredited, they undergo high scrutiny in terms of their services.


The look and feel of a truck repair shop is also essential. Check how well organized the shop is, and avoid shops that have tools lying everywhere. If a Ford truck repair shop is dirty and disorganized, this could speak about the quality of service they offer.


Make sure that you choose a truck repair shop with a good reputation in your area. You can ask your friends and colleagues what they think about a shop where you are considering taking your truck for repairs. You can also look at online reviews from clients about a potential shop. You can tell the kind of service offered by a truck repair shop from the comments given on their website. If clients are happy and satisfied with a service, they are likely to post praise about the shop on their official website.


The price of truck repair varies from one shop to another. Larger repair shops are likely to be more expensive than smaller shops, but this is not always the case. Compare price across different truck repair shops and choose the most affordable. However, avoid shops that are extremely cheap, as this could be a sign of inexperience or poor service quality.


Ensure that the Ford truck repair shop you choose has state-of-the-art equipment. Without the right equipment, complete and quality repair cannot be guaranteed. This is even more important if you own the latest truck model.


Find out the kind of warranties a shop offers before taking your truck to them for repairs. Most truck repair parts come with the manufacturer’s warranty, but it is good to know that the shop you choose offers a guarantee for their workmanship, too Avoid any Ford truck repair shop that is unwilling to stand behind their work.